Mimir Online IDE

An all-in-one solution to read, write, and submit code.


All students and instructors have access to a 100% cloud-based IDE with a persistent work space on Mimir Classroom. The Mimir IDE supports all languages we support for automated grading.

Key Features

Code From Anywhere

The Mimir IDE works on all modern browsers and boots up in seconds. With the IDE’s persistent workspace you don’t have to worry about forgetting your files on a different computer.

Syntax Highlighting & Autocomplete

Our IDE features syntax highlighting for all of our programming languages and autocomplete for a majority of them.

Mimir Submission Integration

Any coursework completed on the Mimir IDE can be submitted for grading to Mimir Classroom in just two clicks. Of course using our IDE is not required, you can also submit coursework to Mimir Classroom by uploading your files or using our Command Line Interface.

Full Terminal with Admin Access

The Mimir IDE features a full fledged terminal that provides admin/sudo privileges to its user. Anything you do on your local computer, you can do on Mimir's IDE.

Webserver Hosting

Any instance of the Mimir IDE can boot up a configurable web server in seconds. The Mimir IDE can support everything from simple HTML websites to full Ruby On Rails applications. You can actually run an instance of Mimir Classroom within our IDE.

Instant Submission Review

As an instructor if you ever want to take a closer look at a student’s submission you no longer need to download the files to your local machine and boot a development environment. You can instantly pull in any of your student’s submissions in the Mimir IDE with one click.

Collaborative Coding (Beta)

Pretty soon Mimir IDE instances can be shared by multiple users featuring collaborative coding and live video/audio conferencing.

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