Content Library

Easily save and reuse coursework from semester to semester.

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Mimir Classroom

Content Library

Each instructor account has a school content library that is shared among other instructors from their institution. Here, programming assignments and programming projects are created and managed throughout courses and sections. Students receive coursework that's built in the content library through their specific course. Course content can always be edited and shared with verified instructors or departments at your institution if you wish. 

Pre-Made Course Content

Within the global content library of Mimir Classroom, there are pre-made assignments and projects that you can use to get started on the platform or supplement your coursework. 

Open Educational Resources

The content library in Mimir Classroom is where our content curriculum team fosters open educational resources (OER). Within the global content library, instructors can obtain pre-created projects made specifically by our team. This library will continue to grow, but right now it does not offer complete courses for OER use.

Key Features

Copy Coursework

Easily save and reuse coursework from semester to semester.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Maintain a common library of curriculum across your organization and work together to create and update coursework.

Stay Organized

The Content Library allows you to create folders and search for files.

Access Pre-Made Content

The content library on Mimir Classroom also contains pre-made content for you to use at any time.