Hosted Jupyter Notebook Support

Mimir Classroom provides autogradeable & hosted Jupyter Notebooks documents that are easy for instructors to setup and simple for students to access.

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Simple Setup

Jupyter Notebook documents hosted by Mimir Classroom provides read-only and graded cells to help build assignments for your students. All content created using the hosted Jupyter Notebooks documents or uploaded into Mimir can be exported and run in other hosted or local Jupyter environments.

Mimir Classroom

Graded Cells

Graded cells can be extracted individually or in groups to be evaluated by Mimir's testcase system.

Starter Code

Each graded cell also has a starter code attribute that can be used to provide your students a starting point.

Read-Only Cells

Read-only cells can be used to provide examples or important code snippets that you don't want your students to override.


Notebooks in Mimir Classroom allows instructors to update their starter code and students to submit directly from the hosted environment.