Streamline Coursework

Mimir Classroom empowers instructors to streamline coursework through our two coursework types: Programming Projects and Assignments.

Coursework Types

Programming Projects

Using our test case system and manual grading workflow, programming projects can handle labs from Intro to Programming courses all the way to Machine Learning and AI courses.

Programming Assignments

Assignments allow you to mix Coding Questions and Code Review Questions with standard question types including Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Short Answer, Long Answer, and File Upload.


Automated Test Cases

Automated test cases allow students to see a configurable level of automated feedback on their coursework in seconds. Students have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, fix their code, and try again. Both programming projects and coding questions within assignments support over 40 programming languages ranging from Assembly and COBOL to Python, Java, and C.

Automated Plagiarism Detection

Not only does Mimir Classroom come with a proprietary plagiarism detection algorithm, but the platform has an integration with MOSS, a tool created at Stanford University to measure the similarity of code between two submissions.


View Work In Browser

With Mimir Classroom you will no longer need to locally manage thousands of student files. We'll show you every student submission in browser in a clean and organized format.

Quick Inline Feedback

Using our built-in feedback tools, you can easily provide individualized, context-specific feedback across both programming projects and assignments.

Manual Grading

Although Mimir Classroom coursework can be set up to be automatically graded, we’ve also built out an extensive manual grading workflow for use by instructors and TAs.


Reuse Course Content

Add projects, assignments, and lessons to your content library and reuse them in any course.

Share Content With Your Colleagues

Share your coursework across your department to collaborate on future assignments and courses.

Mimir Content Library

Although you can always create your own content in Mimir Classroom, you can also pull from the growing global content library.
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