Student Analytics

Mimir Classroom empowers instructors with information to identify at risk students early and make real-time adjustments to their courses.

Mimir Classroom

Coursework Breakdowns

Mimir Classroom's analytics allow you to see exactly where students are struggling and excelling in real-time.

Mimir Classroom

Mimir Classroom

Code Playback

The analytics system provides not only a great overview of your course as a whole, but can also provide detailed information on individuals. For assignments completed on Mimir Classroom, we offer features like Code Playback.

Stack Trace Analysis

Mimir Classroom is capable of analyzing student stack traces and automatically providing feedback based on student errors. The analytics system also provides instructors with an insight to where students are struggling the most.

Mimir Classroom

Mimir Classroom

Data Over Time

Visusalize your students' progress on their coursework overtime to see how your lectures, labs, and help sessions impact their understanding.

Using Analytics On Mimir Classroom

Retention in computer science programs can be a very difficult task. Our analytics are focused on providing the right information for instructors to assist them in identifying struggling students and difficult topic areas to ensure students receive the support that they need. Instructors around the world use Mimir Classroom to ensure that their students succeed on their path to becoming computer scientists.