Reward Hard Work

Mimir Classroom encourages students to work harder by iterating on their submissions and improving their results.


Instant Feedback

With automated test cases, students will receive instant feedback on which parts of their submission are working and which parts are not.

Quick Grading

By using our web-based grading tools, instructors and TAs are able to grade faster and return personalized feedback to students quicker.


Review Feedback

A student will be able to instantly see feedback given by the automated test cases. Using this knowledge, students can identify issues in their submission and try again. We've found that automated test cases help students identify issues faster than waiting on instructor feedback.

Unlimited Submissions

We believe that every students has the right to fix their own mistakes. That's why we allow students to make an unlimited amount of submissions.


Students Learn More

Iterative learning creates more powerful lessons for students and ultimately helps them retain more information while reducing frustration.
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