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Note From The Mimir Team

Supporting our users has always been our number one priority so in response to COVID-19, we have decided to make Mimir Classroom free until the end of the 2020 - 2021 academic year.

We hope that the automated grading, browser based IDE, and analytics we provide on Mimir Classroom can simplify your course experiences during these times.

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Looking to use Mimir Classroom in K-12, your company or for another reason?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the content on Mimir Classroom?

The author of the content in question owns the content. If you create a lesson, assignment, project, etc... on Mimir Classroom, you own it.

Who is eligible for this?

This is available to all higher education institutions.

How do I get started with Mimir Classroom?

View our recorded demo or book live demo and we can get you set up!

What if I don’t want to use Mimir Classroom after the 20-21 Academic term?

While we are sad to see you go, we understand and we’ll help make the transition off of Mimir Classroom as painless as possible!

I have more questions, how can I get help?

Booking a demo is the best way to learn about Mimir Classroom but if you have a quick question click the bubble on the bottom right of the screen.

Can you tell us what pricing will be after the 20-21 Academic term?

We are still waiting to see what the COVID-19 situation is like at the end of the year, but we are planning to roll out our new pricing plans, which will be significantly cheaper than our current price of $25 per student per course.

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