An all-in-one solution to read, write, and submit code.

All students and instructors have access to a 100% cloud-based IDE with a persistent workspace on Mimir Classroom. The Mimir IDE supports all major languages that we support for automated grading.

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Mimir Classroom

Code from anywhere.

Students have all different types of personal computers and sometimes they don't meet the requirements to work on their programming projects. The Mimir IDE creates a persistent environment where coding can be done from a variety of machines and browsers as long as there is an internet connection.

Key Features

Persistent Workspace

With the IDE’s persistent workspace your students always have access to their work no matter which machine they are using.

No Installation

We built a web-based IDE that works in all modern browsers so your students don’t have to worry about local installations or environments.

Syntax Highlighting & Autocomplete

Our IDE features syntax highlighting for all of our programming languages and autocomplete for a majority of them.

Mimir Classroom Submission Integration

Any coursework completed on the Mimir IDE can be submitted to a project in just two clicks.

Full Terminal with Admin Access

The Mimir IDE features a full fledged terminal that provides admin/sudo privileges to its user. Anything you do on your local computer, you can do on the Mimir IDE.

Web Server Support

Boot-up a configurable web server in seconds. We support everything from simple HTML to full Ruby on Rails applications.