Improve Learning Experiences

Mimir Classroom provides your students with tools that upgrade their learning experience.


Mimir IDE

Students have all different types of personal computers. Sometimes these machines don't meet requirements necessary to work on programming projects. Thanks to the Mimir IDE, the only technology requirement for your course is a web browser.

Work Offline & Upload Your Work

Students don't have to use the Mimir IDE. Instead, they can work offline using their favorite tools and upload their work to Mimir Classroom when they are ready.

Mimir Command Line Interface

It can be more convenient submitting projects via the command line than loading the Mimir IDE or zipping the files. The command line in Mimir Classroom lets you submit your work with a few simple commands.


We regularly audit how we support accessibility on Mimir Classroom. Beyond custom keyboard shortcuts, our team has helped accommodate visual impairments too. If your students have unique needs we'd love to see if we can do more to assist them!   


Short Feedback Cycles

Within seconds of making a submission, students will be able to see automated feedback on their coursework. Whether the considerations of their submission be broad or specific, they can immediately begin to reassess their code and improve their work.

Easy Debugging

Instructors may determine which parts of test case feedback to show to students. Students can then use feedback such as a visual diff, expected output, or even compile-time errors to learn from mistakes and improve their code.


Multiple Submissions

Add or remove limitations on how many submissions students can make for assignments and projects. Mimir Classroom can accommodate instructors who prefer that their students have unlimited attempts at passing test cases so that they can learn from each failed attempt. Conversely, Mimir Classroom can be tailored to limit the number of submissions to challenge students to be more intentional with their answer attempts.

Reimagine Office Hours

Use one-on-one time with your students to discuss the concepts that they're struggling with in greater detail. Explore their submissions on Mimir Classroom later to see how well they incorporated feedback and expanded their programming skills. 
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