Mimir Classroom is trusted by dozens of CS departments to scale and improve their programs.

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“With Mimir Classroom you get a different insight on your students.”

Mark Hoffman, Quinnipiac University

“This is a product I have wanted for my entire teaching career.”

Maksym Morawski,
University of Maryland Baltimore County

“Mimir Classroom is an incredible time saver. It makes it very easy for students to get immediate feedback on their work.”

Zachary Kohlberg,
Quinnipiac University

“I mixed project-based learning with Mimir Classroom and got the best student reviews I’ve ever had.”

Maureen Doyle,
Northern Kentucky University

“Mimir Classroom is a platform for students to solve programming assignments and learn from their mistakes. It benefits the student’s learning while minimizing teaching time requirements.”

Kristen Jaskie,
Glendale Community College

“Mimir Classroom allows us to collaborate as a department and share our content very easily.”

Dave Ghidiu, Finger Lakes Community College