Core Features

Late Days

Specify the amount of late days available for coursework and associate a percentage based penalty for each late day.


Edge cases often happen. That's why with extensions you can easily give a student a few extra days to complete their work.

Group Projects

When your students work in teams, Mimir Classroom can still support your coursework and grading.

Test Cases

Mimir Classroom offers flexible testcase types to help you automate all of your grading.

Online IDE

Students can utilize our online IDE to complete their work without having to worry about configuring their local environment.


Set the level of feedback you want your students to automatically receive every time they submit. You can also comment in-line on students' code.

Hidden Test Cases

You have the ability to hide a test case from a student's view, but it will still be part of the overall grade.

Submission Limits

Each time a student runs test cases they use a submission, either add a limit or keep it unlimited for maximum iteration.

Starter Code

Provide your students with a jumping off point, whether it's just a few imports or an entire project directory. Instructors can include a, which will automatically render when using the Mimir IDE.

Plagiarism Detection

Not only do we have our own plagiarism detection algorithm, but we also integrate with MOSS, a tool created by Stanford to measure the similarity of code between two submissions.

Online Code Editor

Students can code and run their code in browser without having to worry about their local environment.

Integrated Gradebook

You can always view the current grades of your students within Mimir Classroom. These scores are easily exported via CSV in compliance with the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard so you can directly integrate with an LMS like Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard.

Student Management

You can easily manage students on Mimir Classroom with our course view and individual student profiles. Instructors can bulk invite students to a course or share an access code.


If you teach multiple sections of the same course, you can easily divide students and manage assignments by section on Mimir Classroom.

LMS Integrations

Mimir Classroom integrates with most LMS' including Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle.

Content Library

Maintain a common library of curriculum across your organization and work together to create and update coursework.