The Core Problem & Solution

High school and university computer science instructors and departments are expected to teach more students than ever before. With greater enrollment rates have come more extensive administrative, educational, and teaching duties. Instructors have been struggling to meet the demand.

Throughout the last decade, as the interest in studying computer science grew, a shift in traditional program enrollment began. Students started enrolling in bootcamps and utilizing MOOCs and instructors thought that their challenge were solved.

The reality is that bootcamps and MOOCs fell short. They were built on models that had high-stakes formative assessments and not low-stakes formative assessments. These solutions most often didn't provide face-to-face instruction, which has been proven to make student learning outcomes more successful.

In creating Mimir Classroom, the infrastructure and software for instructors to efficiently teach computer science courses of any scale without compromising quality of education for students.

The Competition

At Mimir, our team won't pretend to be an expert on our competitor's products or how they do business. We take time to better understand the needs of our customers in order to determine if our product, Mimir Classroom, is the best fit.

We promise to always do our best to answer competitive questions and avoid short answers. We aim to focus on the challenges our customers face, and offer use cases of our product to help improve outcomes.

How Mimir Classroom is Different

Oftentimes the instructors that we work with are working with a variety of tools that help them accomplish a larger goal. At Mimir, we wanted to simplify that process. That's why we combined plagiarism detection (with a secondary MOSS integration), autograding, a fully persistent web-based IDE, course insights, and so much more into a single platform. This has helped to reduce instructor maintenance, costs, and streamlines the instructional process.

We've worked hard to perfect our pricing model. Since we work with high schools and universities, support a range of class sizes, and help both single instructors and entire departments, our pricing is flexible. Learn more on our pricing page.