Data Byte: Student Submission Patterns

Picture of Prahasith Veluvolu

Prahasith Veluvolu

April 18, 2019

Following our Data Byte on submission limits set by instructors last week, we decided to take a look at when students were submitting their work to see if we could find any correlation between submission time and passing submissions. We looked at nearly a million anonymized submissions from the past few months and here is what we found.


To gain some context, the first set of data points we collected were due dates for coursework on Mimir Classroom. trends2.001


We found Mondays and Wednesday to be when a majority of projects were due on our platform and also found midnight to be the most common time that projects were due.

With this context, we started looking at the submission volume compared to our pass rate (100% on submission). 



Although Wednesday is lower in submission volume than other weekdays, we found the pass rate to peak on Wednesdays.  We found it interesting that our lowest weekday pass rate was on the same day as when most of our due dates are, but that our highest pass rate was on the weekday that was a close second on due dates.

Looking at the time of submissions, our peak pass rate is at 10 am but drops rapidly as our submission volume goes up throughout the day. Students on Mimir Classroom tend to work late into the night but there is a significant drop after midnight. 

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