Mimir Classroom is now free for schools.

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Scale and automate your Computer Science classroom.

Mimir Classroom provides the tools for instructors to efficiently teach Computer Science courses of any scale without compromising quality of education for students.

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Trusted by dozens of universities - big and small

Built to save time, help students, and encourage improvement.

Streamline Coursework

Use automated test cases and simple grading tools to provide feedback, and return results to students faster.

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Improve Learning Experiences

Provide students with a straight-forward interface to complete their coursework easily.

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Reward Hard Work

Utilize automated grading and quick feedback to encourage persistance and continuous improvement.

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“With Mimir Classroom you get a different insight on your students.”

Mark Hoffman, Quinnipiac University

“This is a product I have wanted for my entire teaching career.”

Maksym Morawski,
University of Maryland Baltimore County

“I mixed project-based learning with Mimir Classroom and got the best student reviews I’ve ever had.”

Maureen Doyle,
Northern Kentucky University