Learn to code in Python with our four-week online adventure.

June 18 - July 13,   $99 / learner
Signups open until the 24th
Are you a
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This is your chance to learn coding in a fun environment! Give your children a head start or experience coding yourself! Level-up on your coding skills to prepare for the school year! Get exposure to coding to see if you want to pursue it further!
Why NanoCamp?
Learn real skills
Jumpstart your programming skills with hands-on activities. Experience how coding can be used to help people in the real world.
Get more attention
No other online program can give you this much support. Get automatic feedback on your code and chat with real humans if you hit a roadblock.
Never get bored
Coding can be interesting on its own, but we add games, challenges, and even mysteries to highlight the fun side of programming.
Play with others
Programming is not a lonely practice. You and many other learners will learn how to work together and help others.
Key Topics
Data Types Conditionals Functions Data Structures Input & Output Loops Error Handling
Each topic is divided into modules than can be completed in 20-45 minutes. Learners can move at their own pace, receiving automatic feedback to check progress, and know when to go back and practice more.
Project Spotlight
Here’s a preview of some of the activities in NanoCamp

Paintbot Games
In this series of competitive coding mini-games, participants will program virtual robots to cover a playing field in paint. Whoever covers the most area with their color at the end of a match wins!

PaintBot is an exciting way to practice and review topics.
ChatBot Studio
The final project theme is creating chatbots to help people. You will learn to program a chatbot that you can later showcase to others!
We want you to excel
Each topic is divided into modules than can be completed in 20-45 minutes. Learners can move at their own pace, receiving automatic feedback to check progress, and know when to go back and practice more.
Feedback from real humans
Live chat with instructors during virtual office hours*
Exercises and games tailored to topics you need to review
*Virtual office hours will be scheduled based on when learners study.
At NanoCamp, we play and learn by three core values
Be kind and helpful to other learners to create a friendly environment for learning.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes; try out things that might not work and learn from the feedback.
Try a different approach, ask for help, or take a break; but don’t give up in the face of a challenge.
Cost & Requirements
One-time payment of $99 per learner
You need access to a computer with an internet connection
4 weeks from June 18 - July 13. Signups open until the 24th
Buy one, give one…
When you buy an access code for this course, we donate one to a high school student in need.
Who's behind this?
NanoCamp is run by instructors who work at Mimir. The core product of Mimir, Mimir Classroom, helps more than 70 universities and high schools teach computer science to their students. The teachers and students who use Mimir Classroom imparted valuable lessons that influenced the development of NanoCamp.

You are in good hands with the NanoCamp instructors. Aside from this camp, combined they have taught more than one thousand students about computer science at the high school, college, and adult learning levels. They have been recognized for their work by universities and media, including Forbes 30 Under 30 For Education.
Mimir helps 70+ schools teach their CS courses, including:
Johns Hopkins University uses computer science platform
University of Michigan uses computer science platform
UCLA uses computer science platform
Miami Dade College uses computer science platform
University of Cincinnati uses computer science platform
Purdue uses computer science platform
Frequently Asked Questions
What information do you collect about me? What is it used for?
We collect your name, email address, and your work on NanoCamp activities. We will use your email address to send you updates during NanoCamp. We may ask for your permission to use anonymized samples of your work. We may ask to use your feedback about NanoCamp in promotional materials or research. Learners can chat with instructors through a platform called Intercom. Your contact information will not be shared with any third parties.
When can I work on NanoCamp activities?
NanoCamp is self-paced, so you can work on the activities at any time. Some activities will still be available after the program ends. In addition to self-paced content, our team will host NanoCamp events. These are optional, virtual activities that happen at set times. Each event will be offered at different time slots to accommodate learners' schedules.
How is work graded?
Mimir Classroom provides automated feedback on your work. Some activities are graded on-demand, others are submitted for later feedback. In addition to automated feedback, learners may receive additional feedback from a human instructor, usually for kudos or for situations when the automated feedback was insufficient.
Learners do not need to achieve a certain score to move on. Instead, learners receive advice on how to self-regulate and decide whether or not to pursue more review before moving on.
What happens if a learner falls behind?
NanoCamp is self-paced and we expect that learners will set different learning goals. Each lesson includes reviews where learners who are struggling can request more help. Some NanoCamp events require learners to have reached a certain level in the program to participate. If there is a large enough group of learners who are interested in the event but do not yet qualify, we can schedule an encore event later in the program.
Will I have access to NanoCamp materials after the program ends?
The reference material for NanoCamp will be available online for free after the program ends. Learners will be able to review their work and access their code after the program ends as well, but are not able to get additional feedback.
What do I get for completing NanoCamp?
NanoCamp is not accredited for school credit or certifications, but you can still learn a lot! There are four levels of mastery that learners can achieve during NanoCamp: the Nanobelt, the Kilobelt, the Megabelt, and the Gigabelt. Based on the belt you achieve during the program, you will receive different recommendations on how to continue learning after NanoCamp.