Automate and streamline your technical interviews.

Companies of all sizes can use Mimir Interview to conduct skill-based technical interviews at scale while getting rid of ineffective and high-pressure whiteboard interviews.

Coding Questions

Use coding questions to automatically test candidate skills in over 40 different programming languages.

Coding Review Questions

Test each candidate's ability to work with your team and existing code base with code review questions.

Other Features

ATS Integration

Easily funnel quality candidates from your ATS into Mimir Interview to share assessments. We currently support Greenhouse.

Custom Assessments

Create tailored coding assessments that allow candidates to showcase skills that your team actually needs.

40+ Languages

Choose the best language to evaluate candidates for your positions.

Collaborative Review

Assign members from your team to assess anonymized candidate code submissions and leave feedback for review.

Code Playback

Objectively see how candidates work through problems, implement solutions, and find answers.

Standard Questions

Multiple choice, free response, and file upload question types are also supported on Mimir Interview.

Who's behind this?
For years, the team at Mimir has been automating and grading computer science projects and assignments. Those experiences in training the next generation of engineers were used to build Mimir Interview; a web- based platform that enhances quality technical hiring and training processes.

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Mimir helps 70+ schools teach their CS courses, including: