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Cole Johnson

August 24, 2017

The EdTech Platform Every Computer Science Department Needs


Education technology software and learning management systems thatmeet specific needs often line wish lists of collegiate computer science departments. Some may be mentally noting gradebook APIs like Moodle or Canvas… Maybe a software is intended to do more — like coursework management.

During a research phase instructors may visit G2Crowd or Capterra to visualize how tools being considered rank among competitors. No matter the objective of the platform, the following attributes should be the top line item of every computer science department’s wishlist.

I. Software that meets an instructor’s needs while improving the student’s experience

Computer science instructors have unique needs. Many want platforms that deliver coursework they’ve already curated versus a platform with a proprietary curriculum. Albeit useful, it may not meet the agile requirements set fourth by a university.

Since instructors and students alike are greatly impacted by the student’s experience, any platform being considered should do the following:

  • provide students with grades in a much shorter time

  • create efficiencies that increase one-on-one interactions between students and instructors

  • the software should be easy to use by students and instructors

II. Scalable tools that grow and change with courses

As instructors implement software into their full curriculum they should have flexibility to scale their courses and pricing based on enrollment.

III. Platform support that listens to users and remains agile in problem solving

Lets face it, there is no piece of ‘perfect’ software. Instructors shouldn’t utilize their free time to engage with a company that barely supports their product. The primary focus of an edtech platform support team should be to facilitate learning. If students or instructors have any advice on how to make the user experience better, the company be receptive to input.

IV. A software company that cares as much about the edtech platform as education itself

What would an education technology platform be without a passion for education? Computer science instructors and students deserve tools that understand their subject matter. They also warrant a company that is passionate about improving and building on the experiences of it’s users.

V. Software that works

Software shouldn’t detract users. Computer science students and instructors practice enough problem solving while organizing a curriculum and completing coursework.

For a software option that meets these criterium, explore Mimir.

Mimir is an education technology company based out of Indianapolis, Ind. It’s core product, Mimir Classroom, is unique to computer science courses and was created to improve the student experience, all while saving instructors time. Students from more than 70 universities now receive greater one-on-one feedback from their instructors as assignments are instantaneously autograded and checked for plagiarism. Mimir Classroom currently supports 40+ languages in computer sciences classrooms.