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James Rapp

February 2, 2017

Mimir Classroom: Teach More, Grade Less

Mimir Classroom provides the necessary tools for instructors to efficiently teach computer science courses of any size without compromising the quality of education for the students. First, an instructor would create their own coding projects, which typically takes about 30 minutes…Mimir Classroom will then:

  • Instantly autograde all submissions

  • Check for plagiarism

  • Filter course and student analytics

A college in Ohio which uses the Mimir Classroom platform to support 12 courses currently has an average of 8.3 projects in a given course. At this rate, it would take an instructor at that school 4 hours and 9 minutes to prepare and generate their projects (assuming it takes 30 minutes to create each assignment). Might seem hefty to some, but keep in mind that once this content is created, it can be reused forever.

This depends on the instructor’s preference in making his/her assignment private or public. Take a look at the infographic below detailing our partnership with this Ohio based school. Mimir was able to save this program more than 50 days worth of grading.From this case study we can determine:Mimir School Case Study

  1. Teaching assistants no longer have to be tied down with repetitive, mundane grading. They can serve as more of a mentor and tutor.

  2. The number of teaching assistants needed diminishes which helps the department’s budget.

  3. Instructors can spend more intentional time with students

  4. Students receive grades promptly and can learn from their mistakes instantaneously.

Mimir launched in 2015, and has since been adopted by more than 190 computer science instructors at 70+ universities.Mimir is modernizing and streamlining the computer science classroom for both instructors and students. Many universities are experiencing all time high enrollment numbers in their computer science departments which correlates to the increased job demand within the technology sector. Instructors can combat the repetitive, time consuming grading process while students receive instantaneous feedback. How many people attempt to rework problems from a homework they turned in 10 days ago? How many attempt to rework a problem they turned in 10 seconds ago?