Picture of Cole Johnson

Cole Johnson

August 2, 2017

A Day In The Life Of An Engineering Intern At Mimir

In many ways, Mimir is a quintessential tech startup. The company was recently relocated to a trendy, open concept office in Indianapolis, Ind., earlier this summer. by a team that wears shorts and t-shirts to work.

The real differentiator isn’t that the team wears shorts and t-shirts to work. It could be the speedy customer service and daily troubleshooting provided by the engineers on the development team.

So what’s it like being an engineering intern at Mimir? The following is a preview of what my day typically looks like.


My day starts by biking up Illinois St. toward the office at Market Tower.


After locking my bike, I enter the building and ride the elevator up to the 8th floor where I hopefully turn the correct direction toward our suite.


Once I make it to the office, ‘dev’ has a morning standup to figure out what everyone is going to be working on for the day.


As the intern, I get a desk with a view, of course.


After standup, ‘dev island’ (an unofficially-named pod of desks occupied by Mimir engineers) gets to work on tasks for the day. What I get to work on for the next seven-ish hours is usually a nice surprise. Even as an intern, I have touched almost all of the app (Mimir Classroom), which is pretty neat.


Within an hour or two I usually run into an issue. I then have Colton, our wonderfully talented CTO, fix all of my problems.


Some days our dev team meets and other days we don’t. On this particular day, we were figuring out how to standardize a Git workflow.


Then the best part of the day….lunch!


A cult (to put it mildly) favorite among the dev team is Chick-fil-a. I don’t know how they make their food taste so good.


I occasionally like to get away from my desk and work elsewhere until we’re ready to call it a day.


After my time at the office, I pedal back to my summer home at IUPUI.

*All photos were original works by Cole Johnson.