Picture of Cole Johnson

Cole Johnson

June 27, 2017

9 Signs You’re a Tech Intern at Mimir

1. Your monitor-game is on point

When entering the office you will look for tufts of hair poking above a sea of monitors to see who has already arrived.


2. Memes follow most conversations


3. Succulents are everywhere


Every meeting becomes more engaging when we assess plant vitals beforehand. We even have a voluntary succulent handler.

4. No one likes coffee


Just kidding. All we do is drink coffee.

5. The kitchen contains nootropics/energy drinks/probiotics


Mimir randomly receives neuroenhancement samples. Interns are obligated* to test them out.

*Note: in no way are interns required or pressured to take neuroenhancements.

6. Startup swag


You know you’re really under Mimir’s fold when you get a branded t-shirt, hoodie, water bottle, notebook, pens, stickers, and fidget spinner.

7. Food frenzy


Other than coffee, we are easily motivated by food. Cluster TruckCity Market, the farmer’s market, snacks, and Chick-fil-a are a few of our favorites.

8. Libations

Every Friday our entire team gathers for an end-of-day meeting. This is where drinks and are shared and company highlights are covered.

9. The experience is fulfilling and rewarding

Tech startups are rumored to be riddled with fun and spontaneity, we carry our weight to help make Mimir successful.


Part of the Mimir team at INX3 held at Union 525 on Wednesday, June 14, 2017.

This article was collaboratively written by Mimir’s 2017 summer Xterns (Geri Denger, Natalie Stephenson and Cole Johnson).