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Gerilyn Denger

August 16, 2017

5 Things To Do Before Ending A Summer Internship


Pictured from #NationalInternDay are Cole Johnson, Geri Denger, and Natalie Stephenson

Let’s face it, the end of summer is just around the corner. Not only does this signify the end of “fun in the sun”, but it means the end of summer internships. Wrapping up an internship can be a stressful time because it is often accompanied by the beginning of school, moving to new housing, and financial woes — all of which can be taxing on a college student.

So if you’re an intern, hold off pulling out your hair and consider completing these five tasks prior to leaving an internship.

I. Connect on LinkedIn

Connect with other company employees on LinkedIn. This will keep you up to speed with company news, career changes of other employees, and available jobs in the future. It is also worth noting that as employees make career moves you may be able to utilize a prior connection to advance your own career.

II. Transition your responsibilities

When leaving an internship, it’s respectful to transition responsibilities to whomever is absorbing your duties; whether that be a new intern or another employee. Any projects, accounts, or tasks that haven’t been completed can be detailed in a report or debriefed verbally. Remember, if you return to work for this employer later, you don’t want to be remembered as one that left a to-do list with sloppy, unfinished tasks.

III. Ask about continued work

If you are able to continue working throughout the school year, ask your employer if you can extend your internship or work part-time! This scenario allows for additional work experience, keeps you top of mind for similar roles in the industry/community, and potentially increases your chances for a full-time offer after graduation.

IV. Get a letter of recommendation

This is critical! Even if you had a bad time at your internship, you should walk away with something. LORs can be used in future job applications, graduate or professional school applications, or even for things like adopting pets! You can never have too many letters of recommendation — trust me.

V. Say thank you

It’s imperative that you thank your coworkers for their guidance, time, and support. Oftentimes, the entire team goes through extra work to accommodate interns. Live up to your personal brand potential and leave on a positive note.

Ensure that you’ve made the most of the past three months by closing out your internship like a boss.